Slip-covering a wing back chair


There are some projects that are just fun, and then there are some that are just necessary. I would place slip cover sewing into any category other than fun. Slip covering a chair that has curves, like a wing back chair, well, now we are talking a tedious test of patience like no other. Perhaps I exaggerate, but only ever so slightly. Next time I decide to invest in three enormously curvy pieces of furniture to slipcover, someone might recommend I try learning on, oh, a square box first. This is experiment number one. For this chair I chose a cream colored home decor weight fabric with a very light plaid print on it. I chose this because, for one, it was a cheap buy at my local salvage shop. And for two, I must have thought that slip covering would just be too boring if I actually picked a … Continue reading

Chalk paint talk and dresser painting


You know what will guarantee a remodel to take way longer than it should? Take a guess.  Budget? Labor? Earthquakes? Bug infestations? All very valid guesses. The answer is furniture. I would recommend to all persons anxious to spend staggering amounts of time working on a house, to not complicate matters by investing in copious amounts of homeless furniture that also needs to be re-done. Not that I would know. Because I totally follow my own advise. Always. See this dresser for instance, it’s not technically an investment because I got it for free. Poor little dear. I can’t say no to free furniture. It’s like turning away a puppy. Who has the heart to do that?? ( I can say that because my kids aren’t old enough to read this blog or kidnap stray animals. I reserve the right to change my opinions on puppies at a later date.) … Continue reading

Yellow, the other Spring color


I’ve been splashing bits of green all over my house to encourage the arrival of Spring as enthusiastically as possible. Yellow is just as good as green in my opinion. It’s bright, it’s sunny, and it looks happy. I may have a lot of black and white going on in this house, but don’t let that fool you. I’m all for an explosion of colors and patterns when it comes to accents! I bought these particularly dowdy looking stools the other day at a resale store. Besides the tragic upholstery job some poor soul had attempted, the fabric was simply horrid. Approximately twenty minutes later, their situation was much improved with new lively yellow seats…and I didn’t even have to spray paint them! What a shocker. I have this awkward little half wall separating my kitchen and dining room where they are currently residing. I’ve made peace with my dislike … Continue reading

Sun Room Beginnings and Plans


One very neat feature of this house that I really love is the little sun room off the back of the house. I love light and big windows and airy spaces. Sun rooms also feel distinctly southern and classic to me…I’m sure they aren’t necessarily, but I still think of them that way. I just think it’s completely appropriate that an old South Carolinian home have a sun room. This was how it looked when we first bought the house. Unfortunately, it’s been our dumping ground for semi-completed projects and various items lacking a permanent home. There didn’t seem to be any working plumbing installed anywhere for a washer/dryer in the house, so I had our plumber add the lines out here. I planned on using half of the room for a laundry room, and half for recreational purposes. The windows all need replacing at some point in the future, … Continue reading

Faux Leather Table Top with Nail Head Trim

faux leather table top with nail head trim by chapter37

This little table was totally in the non-cool crowd at school. It probably had to wear hand-me-downs and eat cheese sandwiches for lunch. It’s ok table, I get it. I can bounce a basketball off my forehead like nobody’s business, not to mention my amazing ability to trip over nothing and go sprawling. The really good thing about “awkwardly boring” is…that it can always be fixed. You can buy these little tables at Walmart for $5. I got this one at a thrift store for $3. A two dollar savings is still two dollars thank-you-very-much…and by the way, I see them all the time marked up higher at thrift stores than if you bought them brand new. Beware, thrift stores are duplicitous places. These little tables have screw on wooden legs, and the top is fiber board…super cheap and really ugly. If you paint it, it’s still going to look … Continue reading

The Black and Blue Dresser

painted teal dresser by chapter37

I think painting furniture is like soothing paint therapy after the everlasting torture of painting wood walls. It’s actually enjoyable, and doesn’t leave me despising the very site of a paint brush.  As I mentioned before, I was hoping to find a dresser to put in the guest room for extra storage. I also told you that it must be painted green. So, here’s the dresser… …and ummm, it’s not green. See, here’s the thing, I just couldn’t decide on a shade of green that would “fit” that room. Frog green, too bright…olive green, too drab…mint green, not vibrant enough….and so on and so forth. In the end, I mixed up some of my own paint with green and blue. It’s a shade or two darker than the color I used on my new desk. It actually does look green depending on the light. It’s like a teal color. It looks … Continue reading