Butterfly Spring Wreath

A house’s front door is the sort of the mouth of the house. It’s either smiling or glowering at people. Some people’s front porches around here make me want to knock on the door and ask to pay a quarter to see the rest of the house. I’m kind of noisy like that. When I see blooming wreaths, old benches topped and fluffed with cheery shades of yellow and green, rusty antiques artfully displayed in flower beds, and window boxes exploding with flowers…I just know if the outside is that good, the inside has got be amazing. My front door, well, let’s just say, it is sort of like the fourteen year old tom-girl who just discovered lipstick and curling irons. You can tell she’s trying, and you feel like patting her on the back just to encourage her. You sort of want to tell her she’ll be a lady … Continue reading

Make your own oversized Christmas ornaments

I’ve been staring at these things for months, wondering what on earth I could do with them. Every time I venture out to the salvage shop, there they are….begging me to make them into something beautiful….an entire bin full of broken stair balusters. Pure wood carved goodness just sitting there for a whopping 75 cents a piece. When I happened across this post, my brain nearly exploded. Of course! Christmas ornaments, perfect! I took home a hefty handful and set to work. Some of them I cut into smaller pieces for tree ornaments, but these I left large. I spray painted them metallic silver, then drilled a small hole in one end. I screwed small eye hooks into the holes. I used jute to string them up at different lengths and thumb tacked them to my porch ceiling. I won’t have to worry about these things getting soggy in a rain … Continue reading