How to turn an old window into a mirror

Good Monday morning to you! It’s a big week ahead with cooking and cleaning and hostessing and days off of work and kids home from school (eek!) and enormous amounts of calorie laden food sitting about. Aghhh don’t you just love the holidays? I most emphatically do. This will be a short week on the blog, because I plan to…A.) watch Christmas movies by a crackling fire, and make marshmallow snowman and blanket forts with the girlies and B.) make good use of the mister being off work to knock out some of our long list of home related projects. Fun! So, before I swing off to the hardware store to visit my favorite paint mixing lady…let me share this fabulous little project you can do with an old window. Old windows are very easy to come by at flee markets, salvage yards, Habitat for Humanity Restores, and Craigslist. I paid … Continue reading

Faux Leather Table Top with Nail Head Trim

This little table was totally in the non-cool crowd at school. It probably had to wear hand-me-downs and eat cheese sandwiches for lunch. It’s ok table, I get it. I can bounce a basketball off my forehead like nobody’s business, not to mention my amazing ability to trip over nothing and go sprawling. The really good thing about “awkwardly boring” is…that it can always be fixed. You can buy these little tables at Walmart for $5. I got this one at a thrift store for $3. A two dollar savings is still two dollars thank-you-very-much…and by the way, I see them all the time marked up higher at thrift stores than if you bought them brand new. Beware, thrift stores are duplicitous places. These little tables have screw on wooden legs, and the top is fiber board…super cheap and really ugly. If you paint it, it’s still going to look … Continue reading

Color outside the lines – Cabinet doors to wall shelves

I can give you three good reasons why you should never throw away wood cabinet doors. Here they are…one, two and three… Are you convinced?  What if I said I only spent a total of $8 for the entire art nook pictured here? Wood is wood, whether it starts out pretty or not! I hung on to every bit of the stuff we pulled out of the kitchen, knowing I would find something to do with it eventually. As it turns out, these cabinet doors were just exactly perfect for the art corner I’ve been working to finish in the guest room. I took off the hardware, filled in the holes, sanded, spray painted, screwed on brackets, and called it done! Not too shabby for old doors growing mold in the scrap pile! This little art spot for the girls, is coming along just nicely. It’s exactly what I pictured, simple, … Continue reading

2 Ways to make a bunting banner from vintage crochet doilies

One of the funnest things about using vintage or “pre-loved” items in my home, is trying to imagine how to use the items in new, fresh, and modern ways. You might have already seen my past post about painted crochet jewelry…and today we’re talking crochet stuff again…hmm yes, this might end up being a reoccurring theme here. I can’t help it, vintage crochet is art work on a textile, what’s not to love? Bunting number one was made for my little girls’ room makeover. I used four mis-matched large crochet doilies that I found a thrift store, and random colors of spray paint I had on hand. ( I switched out the orange for pink later, as the orange looked too red.) I spray painted them thoroughly on both sides and strung them with jute. The paint makes them stiff, which I like. They hold their shape hanging, and can … Continue reading

4 jewelry organizers you can make for FREE

Today is Monday. I understand that deep thinking on a Monday is highly non-advisable, even dangerous maybe. (For some of us, that’s pretty much every day! Ha!) So, in the interest of soothing you into a new work week with as little mental anguish as possible, here are four easy ways to organize your bangles, beads and baubles. Exhibit A. Find a frame, insert lace, hang earrings.  Exhibit B. Find a paper towel holder. Paint it orange. Slide bangles onto rod. (Orange is optional, although highly advisable.) Exhibit C. Find a glass flower vase. Fill with bracelets. Somehow shiny things look nicer behind clear glass, odd eh? (No, I’m not Canadian.) Exhibit D. Send your children into the yard to gather sticks. Spray paint sticks gold. Lodge them securely into a flower pot after you’ve killed the flowers it previously held by forgetting to water them. Hang necklaces. (Rejoice! It’s … Continue reading

Thumbtack Pumpkin Art

Do you know why jack-o-lanterns never quarrel? Because they have no stomach for fighting. Do you know how to repair a broken Jack-o-lantern? Buy a pumpkin patch! How do you make super cute Fall art? With thumb tacks! And mind you, just because this pumpkin is made from tacks, does not mean it’s a tacky pumpkin! And I could keep going with this, but I like you, and I want you to keep reading my blog, so I’ll stop now. I thought I’d get with the program and put some Fall stuff out and about…but my “Fall” decor is synonymous with my “thanksgiving” decor so feel free to fire me on those grounds. I happen to think there’s worse things than being reminded to be thankful two months early. This is my pre-Thanksgiving/Fall mantel…I say “pre” because I highly doubt I will refrain from tinkering with it for an entire 2 … Continue reading

A duet of shelves

Two huge questions for you this morning. First, did you know tomorrow is Friday? I find that a legitimate cause for celebration. Only one thing I don’t like about Fridays, it’s trash day around these parts…and that means after I’ve dutifully hauled myself out of bed at 6 am for a run, I get a large tasty mouthful of rotten, rank air as I trot past every trash can out by the curb. And by going for a run, I actually mean I gallop frantically behind my large German Shepherd as she mercilessly tows me from one interesting smell and cat sighting to the next. In short, if I manage to survive the first hour, I think Fridays are wonderful. Second question, did you know the chapter37 shop carries home decor items? That’s something new for me, and I’m really excited about it. I don’t put anything in the shop unless I … Continue reading

Neighborly gestures and spray painted birdcages

People watching (in a non-creepy sort of way) furnishes me with an enormous amount of amusement. Take my neighbor for instance, whom I happen to think is one of the nicest people ever. She’s somewhere in between Aunt Polly from Tom Sawyer and Marilla Cuthbert from Ann of Green Gables. She’s as proper a southern lady as you’ll ever find. She’s the only person who I have ever seen in my entire life washing a car in a starched collared shirt, with every hair primly in place. Her house is unimaginably clean. The floor is probably cleaner than my dishes, and woe betide the speck of dust that finds its unlucky self on one of her shelves! Naturally, I break out in twitches when she wants my girls to come over and visit. She probably cleans for hours after we leave. She’s the one who gave me this birdcage. Actually, she asked me take it … Continue reading

Modern Cross Stitch – a.k.a Sharpie Art

Do you know what my four year old daughter said to her little sister the other day? “I’m so glad you weren’t born a dragon, or else I’d be so scared of you!” A high complement indeed, wouldn’t you agree? I mean really, I’m grateful she wasn’t born a dragon either.  That would be a serious situation to be sure. (Privately, I have my own opinions about possible dragon like tendencies…specifically where spinach at dinner, or potty training is concerned.) Speaking of being born, I’m also rather grateful I wasn’t born back in the era when it was fashionable for ladies to sit around sewing tiny stitches into meticulously patterned alphabets and botanicals. I’m sure I would have been cast off into the realm of the forever unfashionable, because I would never have survived the second stitch. I’ve rather lately discovered colored sharpies, and I’m quite certain that there’s nothing that … Continue reading