Easy Handmade Gift – Headband Tutorial

ch37 Headbands

Sometimes the funnest gifts to get are the little ones, those little stocking stuffers or the extra little something tied on top of the bigger gift. Headbands make a fast gift to make, and fun one to get. Pair a few headbands together with a cute set of earrings, and bam! A present to make any gal smile all year long. All you need to make your own is some strips of trim, ribbon, jewelry chain, lace, fabric strips…pretty much you name it can make a great headband. I make the headbands in my shop on the large side, specifically for a woman’s head. I really dislike headbands that give me a headache, so that’s another reason I make them on the larger side. You’ll have to decide how big you want yours. I cut my strips 18 inches long. For thin trims, I like to double the strands on … Continue reading

Color Block Infinity Scarf Tutorial

how to make an infinity scarf chapter37

If I’m in an all fired rush to get dressed and out the door…it’s going to be a black and white outfit sort of day (just how many times a week that happens shall not be mentioned…). Painting a house? Black and white. Day dreaming about sewing color-block infinity scarves? You guessed it, just a touch of black with that white if you please. Does that qualify me for the most boring person on the planet? It’s quite possible. I prefer to think of it as having a well adjusted appreciation of color contradictions. You can always count on black and white to create striking affect. The black and white check flannel I used to sew this scarf was my downfall…I wasn’t planing on anything of the sort until I saw it. Sigh, oh fabric stores why must you tempt me so? Making one is very, very simple. You need two strips, … Continue reading

How to make painted crochet jewelry

Painted Crochet Jewelry Tutorial

You might have noticed the lack of a Tuesday post…I just completed a 22 hr road trip driving solo with two small children over the weekend, and I’m not sure I was qualified to construct a coherent sentence yesterday worth reading… unless of course you’d want to read all 15 verses of  The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round which will be stuck in my head for the next year at least. We arrived home all in one piece and still fairly good friends, so I consider the trip a success. Last week, we knocked about some ideas for organizing jewelry….well, suppose your cute new jewelry organizer looks a tad sparse? We can’t have that, now can we?! Of course, if you’ve gotten groceries or filled your car with gas in the last week, your wallet might look equally as sparse. Here’s a simple way to make yourself some … Continue reading