A Tour of Lights

I think the absolute hugest improvement we’ve made to this house wasn’t the AC, or electrical, or working appliances, or paint, or the cleaning…it was the lights. I had no idea I loved lights so much…until we moved into a house that didn’t have them! Was it socially unaccepted in the 50’s to have lights in a house? Maybe they worked night shift and wanted the house to be dark. Or maybe they had a secret desire to dwell underground. With wood from ceiling to floor, and the very fewest, most dim amount of lights imaginable, this place was an utter cave. I wore one of those ridiculously nerdy headlamp lights on my forehead for the first two months just so I could see what I was doing! (Is it any wonder I went on a white wall painting rampage? I think not!)

Lights hit the home improvement budget right at the top, and it was the absolute funnest thing to go pick out which ones I wanted. Just for grins and giggles, I’m going to show you the lights we installed, picked by yours truly.

These two square lights replaced two recessed canned lights in the dining room. There are exposed beams on the ceiling all the way around the room, and it’s not a super high ceiling. These fit the space and shape of the room perfectly! The walls are white now, and they contrast nicely.

square light chapter37

This light was installed over the stair way. You can see how dark it looks in there even with the light! (No worries, it shan’t be staying this way!) I have no idea how people didn’t break their necks on these stairs without having a light at all!

stair light chapter37

This is a small sized chandelier at the entry. I needed some sparkle in the entry! I’m sure you understand.

silver chandelier chapter37

This light is my favorite, it replaced a ceiling fan in my work room. I think it’s simply grand.

black chandelier chapter37

These two lights replaced two recessed canned lights in the living room. The ceiling is quite high in this room which allowed me to use larger lights. (Yes, I know the fan is hideous, but it has to stay for the time being.)

ceiling lights in living room chapter37

This one is in the sun room. It’s just cute. (Painting the ceiling is on the list!)

lantern light chapter37

Lastly, this one was installed in the girls’ room. It’s the only bedroom that got to have a light. Apparently when they built the house, they left no room between the ceiling and the roof!…So, that means no lights for me in the bedrooms, unless I wish to rip up walls and ceilings. Sniff!

flush mount light chandelier style chapter37

This is my unprofessional opinion about light shopping. Go as grand as you can afford. Set your budget, then find the light that will make the most statement for that amount of money. Don’t underestimate the power of a light to create drama in a room!

I was walking into walls for a week after these lights were installed, because I couldn’t take my eyes off of them! I just couldn’t get over what a difference it made to have a bit of light, it was transforming! Is it any wonder that Jesus used light as an example of what we are to be to the world around us? He called himself the light of the world, and I can picture now so much better what a difference His light can truly make!

John 8:12   Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

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  1. Leslie S says:

    I love the lights, especially the light in the stairway! Do you remember where you got your lights?

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