A barrel of fun – two unconventional side tables

I think every room of my house needs some element of surprise…just a quirky little something that says, “Hey! I’m not a just any old room, I’m special!” In my unprofessional opinion, staying out of generic world is the kindest thing you can do to a room.  I found just the perfect touch of whimsy for my guest room with these. Aren’t they adorable?

barrel end tables at chapter37

I’m guessing they were part of a store display or some such thing. I found them months ago in a local thrift store and was immediately transported into a Robert Louis Stevenson world of “Ahoy matey!” and “Avast ye land lubbers!” right there in the store. ( Why yes, my imagination does tend to wander, why do you ask?) I had them in the back of my truck before you could say “pieces of eight”! Naturally, my inclination was to paint them as I would imagine an old sea barrel to look.

wood barrel shelves at chapter37

I used random paint samples I had on hand for the wood planks, and black stain for the shelves. I don’t ever bother with distressing things with sandpaper, I just dry brush it for the distressed look. I think it looks much more natural. Layering a couple colors will give you that worn over time look. I left the wood rough and unsanded on purpose as well, I just don’t like things that are too perfect.

wood barrel shelves at blog.chapterthirtyseven.com

I am entirely delighted with the outcome. They are just the sort of piece that seem to tell a story all on their own. They are currently sitting as pretty as you please on either side of my guest bed.

wood barrel shelves at blog.chapterthirtyseven.com

I decided to keep you informed of my projects in that room as I go, instead of just one grand slam shebang before and after post about the room. After all, everything is more fun with company don’t you think? So far I’ve got two walls painted, which has vastly improved the room already. These little tables sort of set the tone of the room for me, and no, its not going to be a nautical theme. It’s my fate to be a theme impaired decorator. I realized when I was done, I could have also gone the “old country store” route with the paint job, but I’m happy I didn’t. Which would you have done?

 Matthew 5:7   Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. 

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10 Responses to A barrel of fun – two unconventional side tables

  1. Debbie Willaford says:

    I love to see your posts and see what you are up to these days. When I look at the things you do, I definitely feel generic. I would have probably gone country store, but then that’s because it’s more me. Having said that, I absolutely love what you did with them!!! They look great.

    • Abby says:

      Debbie, I probably would have gone that route if they were going in my work shop or kitchen area. I think they would be cute either way. Your house will never be generic as long as it it’s filled with things you love…which I know your’s is! =)

  2. rick & merry says:

    From a lighthouse lover, nautical would be my choice

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  4. Kathy says:

    Those end tables are adorable. I love the colors you chose

  5. Amber says:

    These are super cute!!
    Amber @
    Dimples & Pig Tales

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