The Well is not the Water

It was hot. Not a cloud in the sky. Dust burst in small clouds from the ground with every falling step. A long line of travelers straggled in a slow crawling walk towards the searing horizon. Isaac licked his lips, tried to swallow, and spat grit out instead. There was a well here somewhere, he thought with almost panicked frustration. He remembered it from his boyhood, he remembered watching his father dig it. He remembered the smooth feel of wet dirt that came slinging out in clumps, thrown out of the dark hole when his father and servants finally hit water. It was here, and he had to find it. He must find it or they were all going to die.  A baby wailed. The wagons creaked and lurched over the rough terrain. No one had the energy to talk. Even the cattle and the sheep were silent. He stopped … Continue reading