The little girl’s room gets a makeover

Writing about this room makeover makes me immensely happy. It doesn’t make me happy just because I think it’s adorable, which I do, and not just because the little girls love it, which they do…but because this room is the halfway point. Eight months into our remodel, and six rooms down, we are well on the way to getting some fresh zest back into a very unfresh old house.  I now actually feel like it can be done. You can’t think what an immense relief that is to my mind. It’s much the same feeling you get when you’re running, and you’re basically just focused on not having a stroke or tripping over your own two feet….and then suddenly you realize you’ve finished the hardest part, and you just might live to see another day after all. It’s a terribly gratifying sort of feeling, you know?      This room makeover … Continue reading

Lamp Shades – One of life’s great mysteries

Do you remember disposable cameras? I used to think they were splendid!  I can still hear the ever so subtle chrk chrk chrk of the wind up, followed by the pop of the picture being taken. Twenty eight, slightly out of focus prints, all for $5.95 at the corner drugstore…what fun! Those pictures were always such a mystery. The anticipation of finding out just exactly was on that camera was enough to cast a cloud over my entire existence until I could get them developed. Mine, very strangely, seemed to always include at least six or seven of the inside of my purse. Those, of course, were not a mystery at all. I do love a good mystery, don’t you? Take this flower pot for instance, it was a bit of mystery. I found it in the summer clearance section, and it practically jumped into my shopping cart. (Things that look iron-like and have curly bits … Continue reading

Modern Cross Stitch – a.k.a Sharpie Art

Do you know what my four year old daughter said to her little sister the other day? “I’m so glad you weren’t born a dragon, or else I’d be so scared of you!” A high complement indeed, wouldn’t you agree? I mean really, I’m grateful she wasn’t born a dragon either.  That would be a serious situation to be sure. (Privately, I have my own opinions about possible dragon like tendencies…specifically where spinach at dinner, or potty training is concerned.) Speaking of being born, I’m also rather grateful I wasn’t born back in the era when it was fashionable for ladies to sit around sewing tiny stitches into meticulously patterned alphabets and botanicals. I’m sure I would have been cast off into the realm of the forever unfashionable, because I would never have survived the second stitch. I’ve rather lately discovered colored sharpies, and I’m quite certain that there’s nothing that … Continue reading

Why Chapter37 for a name?

Since this is the first post in my Sunday series, The Refocus Challenge (find out what in the world that is HERE!), I thought it would be appropriate to explain a little bit about this blog. So, why pick chapter37 for a name? It’s not as random as it might seem.  When I was thinking up a name for my new blog, I knew I wanted it to work for a business name as well for a blog. My previous blog and shop names were unrelated to each other, and I felt like that was confusing to visitors.  More importantly, I wanted the name to be a brief segment of a bigger story. I found the name one morning as I was reading Psalm 37 in the Bible. It stuck me in a new way as I read it. That chapter, if applied, can not only change an individual’s life, but it … Continue reading

The start of a new chapter

      Have you ever noticed, a breathtaking view, a funny moment, or a memorable event loses it’s luster if you are the only one who gets to experience it? Christmas day wouldn’t be half as fun without the general air of excitement, complete and utter disaster of wrappings, and the obligatory commiseration of over stuffed bellies. That is precisely the way I view my reason for blogging; twice the fun in every project simply because you are here to enjoy it with me. Welcome to chapter37, I hope you’ll find it a splendid read.